Saturday, January 3, 2009

A great idea....

I think this is just fascinating...

read this article and tell me that this story wouldn't make the most amazing play? Musical even? If I were smarter I'd be writing the aforementioned play and not putting in on here for everyone to peruse, gawk at, and steal! But, alas, I'm a dope. Have at it kids, just remember who to call when you need a designer. I really don't have any interest in writing another play. It'd be like having a really dog that was really old and tired but still the best dog in the world and then getting a puppy. Realizing there are only a handful of people in the world that get what I'm talking about, let me clarify. I was part of a team that wrote a musical called The Silver Lining, and after it's first production it has sat in a drawer. I occasionally open the drawer and look at it, hoping that one day I'll miraculously find it finished or, even more preferable, a residuals check where the manuscript once was. 

(I actually just went over to open the drawer, so that I might accurately report on the status of the script-to-check change yet)

Anyway, read this article and confirm my's not just a sneaking suspicion anymore.

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