Monday, January 19, 2009

I hate work (originally published 10/29/2005)

This is a post from over three years ago as several of the insuing posts will be. I've closed my Myspace account and decided to re-post the gems from my blog there. Enjoy!

I'm sitting here in the library, wasting my life playing with blog things:

So far I've:
Barely passed the U.S. citizenship test
Gotten a 115 on the IQ test, cause I can't do math
My 1920's name is Hardin Garfield, My pimp name is MC Dogg, My french name is Emmanuel Auger, my sexy brazillian name is Leandro Montenegro
I'm a butterfinger, a meatball pizza, and an eagle. I was a whale in a past life and a russian monk. Apparently I'm 29 years old.
Yeah, I'm bored.

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