Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Thanksgiving Part One

I'm at JFK right now, in the newly redesigned Terminal 5 and I just wanted to say what a nice change it is. Sure, my flight has been delayed twice, and the gate changed, but the whole place is so fresh and clean and new that just walking past security made me giddy with the bang-for-your-buck factor. With an airline as cheap as JetBlue is known to be, the fact that there aren't chickens running in the isles is enough to set them head and shoulders above the competition, but all this clean new trendiness is too much for me. To top it all off, there are bars everywhere-tucked into every nook and cranny. I can see two without moving my head. They're like Starbucks, of which oddly there aren't any. To add to this surreal landscape, most of the bars aren't even in a bar setting. They're more like information booths with booze. Right here in the middle of the terminal a man sips red wine and a woman nurses what looks to be a Sam Adam's Seasonal Selection. It's pure bliss.

Speaking of bliss, I have officially decided on the perfect drink for the Holiday Season- the Seagrams 7 and 7 up, otherwise known as a 7 and 7. Whether you like Whiskey or not, this cocktail is both classic and contemporary as the ingredients are so common, especially at holiday time. I prefer to enjoy this cocktail in an old fashioned glass, as opposed to a highball (it could technically be in either, I simply prefer to have the glass be wider than taller), with plenty of ice and a nice slice of lime (lemon will do, but the lime mellows nicely with the whiskey. Do yourself a favor and pick up a 7 and 7 today. Sip several by the fire with friends and as the ice melts so will all your holiday worries, troubles, and strife. Peace on earth will reign among men.

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