Saturday, March 28, 2009

Marty on the Mountain

It's saturday afternoon and I'm working on a number of a projects, most important of which is the new website for Schoolhouse. Evan is watching a show on cats called Cats 101 (a not so subtle hint about our desperate need for a feline around the house) and the show happens to profile the Maine Coon (a personal favorite) so of course I tune in. It turns out that there is a maine coon living at the weather observatory station on the top of Mt. Washington named Marty. Marty! I exclaimed. Like the weatherman! (err...not really a weatherman as it turns out. watch the video) Martin Engstrom reported the conditions on Mt. Washington for nearly 40 years and was a personal favorite of my fathers because of his unique broadcasting style. Enough of this sentimental walk down memory lane however...over to Marty on the Mountain for the rest of the story. Marty...

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