Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I just got back from Hawai'i and I'm in a funk

It's true. It doesn't make sense but I am. I dont know why. I can't explain it.

I'll be sharing some choice photos of the Hawai'i vacation over the weekend when I'm not so freaking tired.

Some quick things that have nothing to do with going to Hawai'i:

We had a Dragon Plant that was named Gonzalo. He got pretty big and had 2 chutes so we decided to alleviate his over crowding and split him in half. Well, after about 3 weeks the surgery is going pretty well. We have one large plant that we've dubbed Don Gonzalo and then another smaller plant named Lil' G. We love them both. I dont know how I've lived this long without houseplants.

The sunset was really beautiful tonight when I was on my way home. I really think giving up the hour of sleep is worth it for the extra daylight.

We are re-painting our living room from a Teal color that is god-awful to a soothing color called Tennessee Haze, which is not a type of marijuana.

I want to get a new backpack. I am sick of carrying over the shoulder messenger bags. I hate them. If anyone has a recommendation for a sturdy yet city-wise backpack that will help me organize my life and has a place for my water-bottle, please let me know.

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theatre211 said...

Aha! You finally got houseplants! I told you they were wonderful!